The applications of Artificial Intelligence, from finance to HR

The applications of Artificial Intelligence, from finance to HR

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In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Oliver Christie, An artificial intelligence consultant, futurist, and speaker. On the show, Oliver chats to Andy about the use of artificial intelligence in the finance sector. The discussion turns to how A.I can be used to promote diversity in the hiring process. They also chat about the future direction of artificial intelligence.

Oliver looks at how AI can impact the key aspects of business such as; acquiring and retaining customers, customizing products and services and achieving profitability. Oliver then works with companies to develop the right solution which, at times, can fundamentally reshape how the business operates. Oliver’s experiences include working in the Financial, Media, and Transportation sectors, and using technologies such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Google Tensorflow,, and Intel.


Show Notes:

1.07 Oliver’s Background and career development.

1.58 Big Data, A.I & high-frequency trading.

3.34 What does automation mean for finance in general.

5.58 Technology as the career of choice for this generation and future generations.

7.18 The desire for more substance in your technology role and how this has lead to technologies open source sharing community.

9.14 A.I as a tool to increase diversity in business.

14.56 How can we use A.I to identify candidates that are a cultural fit for your company?

17.37 What other projects Oliver is working on at the moment.

20.19 Is it difficult to place a time scale on the projects you’re working on?

21.41 What developments do you see happening in Big Data and A.I in the near future?


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