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About Maven Consulting
Maven is an online Microconsulting matching platform, connecting experts to clients globally. Specializing in business, technology, and engineering challenges.

Founded in 2008 to connect knowledge globally. There are hundreds of thousands of Mavens in virtually every place in the world. They are people just like you – from architects to zookeepers, rice farmers to racecar drivers, Mavens come from all walks of life and every profession. Whether you need to speak with a cardiologist in Brazil, survey a group of supply chain experts in Canada, or hire a manufacturing engineer to explore a new process in India, we can deliver.

Quick Definition:
“Micro-Consulting – a short burst of knowledge, perspective, expertise, and opinion from a professional to make work easier.”

Professional Matchmaking:
Maven’s technology identifies the right professionals, qualifies them for specific areas of expertise, screens them for potential conflicts of interest, and delivers their brains to you. In addition, through our unique referral system, our Mavens’ networks become your network. That means that no matter how obscure the topic, we deliver qualified expertise faster than any other system – typically in less than one hour! Think of it as crowdsourced knowledge on demand.

For Clients – Get matched to the vetted expert who can answer questions on your issue.
For Consultants – Reach great clients globally who are looking for your expertise.

Typical Engagement:
A 30-60 minute phone call on a well-defined subject or problem. Questions are sent ahead of time to make the conversation straightforward and rewarding for all.

Personally Recommended:
I have successfully consulted on a number of AI projects on Maven and recommend the platform.

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