NYAI: Thinking in Blockchain

Hitters Xu
Founder, Nebulas

Hitters Xu | Thinking in Blockchain

Nebulas (nebulas.io) is a next generation blockchain with a decentralized platform providing a search framework for all blockchains. Nebulas is an open source public chain. Through its own technological innovations, Nebulas is committed to expanding the boundaries of blockchain technology and building the next generation of blockchain ecosystems.


– What is next for the Blockchain industry?
– What are the 2018 keywords in Blockchain?
– How to think in Blockchain? (How to apply Blockchain as a solution in business applications?)
– Different ideologies about blockchain in the world today. (Traders vs Believers, China vs. the rest of the world)
– Why Nebulas over other blockchain ecosystems?
– Nebulas incentives (DIP, PoD)
– DApp use cases on the Nebulas network


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