NYAI #19: AI & UI


Diane Kim | Steph Hay | Jacqueline Feldman

Rounding out our design series, this event focused on AI & UI. Diane Kim (x.ai) talks about “Designing Intelligent Agents and a new class of Perceived Errors,” followed by “Steph Hay (Capital One) talks about “Emotions & AI”. This was followed by a panel discussion including Diane Kim, Steph Hay, and Jacqueline Feldman (Kasisto).

About the Speakers

Diane Kim is an AI Interaction Designer at x.ai, an artificial intelligence startup based in NYC. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Cognitive Science with a focus in Computation. As an AI interaction designer, she owns the voice, personality and dialogue design for Amy and Andrew Ingram, x.ai’s scheduling assistants.

Steph Hay is an Ohio native into video games, CrossFit, and BBC programs. As a journalist, Steph pioneered content-first design and Lean Content testing, two low-risk methods for proving traction before building a product. She now leads AI + Machine Learning Design at Capital One (including the Capital One skill on Amazon Alexa and also Eno, the first natural language SMS chatbot by a U.S. Bank). Steph also co-founded FastCustomer and Work Design Magazine, mentored at 500 Startups, and made 1nicething.com.x

Jacqueline Feldman, a writer, works as a conversation designer on a freelance basis. She’s written dialogue for multiple AI-powered bots. Her work and in particular her design choices around gendering bots have been featured in Engadget, Refinery29, and other outlets internationally; she’s written on the topic for The New Yorker, among others. An alumna of Yale University and The Fulbright Program, she lives, for the moment, in New York.


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