Disruptive Technologists: Ugly Robots, Imperfect AI & Smart Machines

Disruptive Technologists: Disruptive Technologists: Ugly Robots, Imperfect AI & Smart Machines

Monday, March 18, 2019
6:15 PM to 8:45 PM

Microsoft HQ
11 Times Square. New York, NY

Artificial Intelligence is here, but are we all being wildly optimistic? Are trucks really going to be driverless in 5 years? Can AI really get me the toppings I requested on my pizza (not necessarily, you don’t always get what you thought you wanted!). The public has no idea what they are getting themselves into — the benefits, the horrors and the “meh”. Our four amazing expert panelists will delve into the nonsense, the reality, the timing and the $$ in a think-tank type discussion, followed by a fireside chat in an even deeper dive with our resident AI Content Expert.& Innovation Leader.

Our Expert Panelists
1. Luke Schantz, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program & Technical Manager & Evangelist (ask him about his work with the Blue Man Group!)
2. Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, specializing in government efficiency and accountability in technology.
3. Sep DiMeglio, developer audiences marketing manager & AI Advocate, Microsoft
4. Bjorn Austraat, IBM Global Cognitive Leader and Senior Applied AI & Machine Learning Executive

Oliver Christie, AI Strategist & Founder, Foxy Machine, an artificial intelligence consulting, strategy & research company for companies seeking to leverage new and future technologies.

Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Wizard, Aebis, a knowledge management company: leverage critical knowledge.

Master of Ceremonies
Jim Williams, Physics & Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!)

Interactive Videographer:

Jeff Paul and Steve from VisioTag.

Plus Pizza, Soda & Brownies from Microsoft Reactor, Essence Water from Hint, Gourmet Sandwiches from McCarter & English & Wine from Dana!! 🍷

**EXTRA Special Thanks to our Disruptive Technologists® Think Tank Council & Events Sponsor-Partner: McCarter & English and David Sorin, Partner & Chair – Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Company Practices.

Slides From The Event:

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