Disruptive Technologists: Radical Health Tech Innovation

Disruptive Technologists: Radical Health Tech Innovation

Monday, September 16, 2019
6:15 PM to 8:45 PM

Microsoft HQ
11 Times Square. New York, NY

Health and Wellness professionals and organizations face unprecedented challenges to improve quality, reduce harm, improve access, increase efficiency, eliminate waste and lower costs. Tech innovation is a major focus and the industry is welcoming an explosion of innovations designed to improve, among other things, life expectancy and quality of life.

Radical, revolutionary, transformational and exponential innovations are fundamentally disrupting old systems, creating new market constituents and new markets, while marginalizing old ones. Technology’s nonlinear pace of progress will almost certainly create substantial disruption in health, wellness and medical processes, technologies, and business models.


1. Michael Frank: Pfizer/ Director R&D Drug Strategy – AI tilts scale for worldwide trials.
2. Paul Sohmer: CEO & Board Director, SRI International Biosciences Division, medical devices, clinical services, diagnostics
3. Guillermo C. Artiles: McCarter & English / Lead in the Firm’s Cannabis practice — Innovative takes on the product from the way it’s cultivated to the way it is applied for medical and other purposes.
4. Luigi Pesce Ibarra: Neuroscientist Ph.D. in Health, Brain Rehabilitation – electrophysiology.
5. Marlin Jenkins: Neture Inc. / Founder & CEO Leveraging broadband to bring medical services to underserved communities.

Fireside Chat Experts:
6. Caitlyn Kuan: Founder, Kuan Advisory Ed Tech & Robo Automated Legal
7. Chris Bradley: Co-Founder of Mana Health
8. Jim Schachter: News VP at WNYC public radio
9. Nina Knox: Strategic Advisor Healthereum blockchain

Microsoft Reactor Host:
Sep DiMeglio, developer audiences & AI Advocate, Microsoft.

Oliver Christie, AI Strategist & Founder, Foxy Machine: Artificial Intelligence consulting, strategy, research.

Fireside Chat Moderator:
Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Wizard, Aebis, leveraging critical info through AI.

Master of Ceremonies/Podcast Host
Dania Hammad: Dose of Dania

Interactive Videographer:
Jeffrey Paul & Steve Durham from Ziotag: advanced deep tagging.

Drinks & Munchies: Cookies** Essence Water from Hint ** Gourmet Sandwiches **Wine from Dana **Beer

**EXTRA Special Thanks to our Disruptive Technologists® Think Tank Council & Events Sponsor-Partner: McCarter & English and David Sorin, Partner & Chair – Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Company Practices

** AND EXTRA Special Thanks to Microsoft Reactor #MSFTReactor

Slides From The Event:

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